The next generation of Lü is finally here!

Discover our much-anticipated release!
We’re proud and extremely happy to announce that the second generations of Lü ÜNO and DÜO will be officially available on November 10, 2020 in North America.

Light. Powerful. Versatile.
The new generations ÜNO and DÜO not only feature stock inclusions of previous add-ons, such as the microphone and HDMI modules but also a new cutting-edge laser projector, 3D camera and internal computer.
The product has been entirely redesigned to fit into smaller spaces as well as be lighter and easier to install. Aside from improved lighting capacity and more powerful sound, the new ÜNO and DÜO now feature an added fourth module: the heart of Lü, which facilitates support and includes new sets of sensors to unlock even more immersive experiences! Each ÜNO and DÜO is now available with (standard) or without speakers (LÏTE) for more flexibility. Installation is also now possible in two different configuration modes: Gym or Palaestra.

Order now! (Only in North America)
We are currently running, in association with our partners, a pre-order program on the second generation products and a discount program on the first generation ÜNO and DÜO.
Reach out to us or your local dealer for more information!