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Smarter and healthier kids, happier teachers.

Lü transforms any space into an active and immersive educational environment where kids are engaged physically, intellectually and socially-emotionally.

Less than 10% of children are doing enough physical activity

Diversifying learning and teaching modes is one of the main challenges of Education

Social-emotional and physical skills are often neglected when integrating technology

Lü systems

We produce state of the art audiovisual systems powered by a wide range of educational applications. Aside from obvious pedagogical uses, our systems can be used for a variety of purposes, from cinema-quality movie nights to dance parties and professional presentations. Each Lü system includes a high definition laser projector, a movement detection camera, a powerful sound system and a fully automated multi-colored lighting system to create immersive magical environments.

Lü applications

Designed by educators for educators, our systems include a diverse and growing portfolio of curriculum-based applications covering all subject matters. Constantly updated and highly customizable to fit the needs of your local curriculum or age group, these activities are carefully crafted to help kids foster their social-emotional, physical and intellectual skills to the fullest.

We don’t want to brag, but we’re changing the game.

Ben WellsElementary PE Teacher, Bennett Ranch Elementary School

Childhood obesity becoming a concern worldwide, we as physical educators need to engage all students. Lü allows more kids to be engaged and more kids to be active. It’s a game changer, it allows you to do so much more.

Marthe EmondManaging Director, Monts-et-Marées School Board

Research shows that moving and physical activity stimulates cognitive development and favors learning. You’re also dealing with play as a learning mode and vehicle for learning, hence Lü is a fantastic medium.

Ed BrownSTEM Teacher in autism and disability focused middle school, S.U.P.E.R Learning Center

It helps kids with their right-brain training and their neuroplasticity. To me it’s about getting all my students engaged, even the ones that are out of shape and the ones that do not want to do anything, as much as the athletic ones.

Brittney BrownPrincipal, Willow Lake Elementary School

The impact of the Lü has been tremendous. It has allowed our students to be more engaged, but also for us to incorporate the education piece with physical activity, cooperation and teamwork altogether.

Mike KneeboneDirector of Technology, Washington Township School District

Implementation of the Lü has been really easy. I really liked the cross-curriculum piece built-in. Anything we can do to make lesson-planning easier for our teacher, we will do.

Matt WittAudiovisual Specialist

You’re finally adding a solid piece of technology to the gym that interests the kids and also adds value to the gym teacher’s curriculum, giving them something to work with that is on par with a technology-minded generation.

Our Mission, Vision and Commitment

We are but a means to an end

At Lü, we believe every educator is a superhero and each child deserves to be fully engaged in their learning. We believe every school should be awe-inspiring and magical. We strive to empower educators in all fields with technology allowing them to boost student engagement and diversify their teaching mediums.  Lü does not replace, it enhances and elevates.

With these values in mind, we create learning experiences where interaction is first and foremost between the kids themselves, and where teachers and coaches are connected and enabled to drive collaboration, empathy, intelligence and health.

Lü engages kids everywhere.

Tens of thousands of kids, spread in more than 35 countries are using Lü on a weekly basis.


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