Case studies

Commission Scolaire Monts et Marées, Matane, Canada
“What really captivates us with Lü is the movement. We move, and we learn” says Marthe Émond, executive director of the Commission Scolaire des Monts-et-Marées in Eastern Canada. Since they installed a Lü in each of their 19 schools, the school
district proudly says “this is an asset for the whole community”.
S.U.P.E.R. Learning Center, Ohio, USA
“Main thing for me is getting students engaged, all my students engaged, even the ones that are really out of shape, the ones that are not athletic” says Ed Brown, PE Teacher at the S.U.P.E.R Learning Center, a school specialized for special needs kids in Ohio. Lü allows teachers to go beyond the typical basketball nets and soccer goals.
“The lights from the Lü, the music, the screen, how its
designed and how you interact with it is really helpful
for kids with special needs”
Bennett Ranch Elementary, Colorado, USA
“They want, they want, they want instead of... I guess. They want to be participating” says Ben Wells, PE Teacher at Bennett Ranch Elementary School in Colorado. Clearly Ben’s class would not be the same without their Lü. As one of his student says “we”re all working together and it’s amazing”!
Washington Township MSD, Indiana, USA
“The Lü transforms what a typical gym used to look like. I could not imagine a day when the Lü is not being use” says Mrs. Brittney Brown, principal at Willow Lake ES. Washington Township MSD equipped 8 of their Elementary schools with Lü. As the IT director Mike Kneebone says “There is the fun factor, but there is a lot more value there [...] when you see the curricular pieces, it is certainly money well spent”.