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Lü applications

Lü comes with an ever-growing selection of applications updated frequently and automatically.

Lü applications cover all subject matters from Mathematics to STEAM, Physical Education, Languages, Geography and more. Our portfolio also includes tools and utilities such as timers, digital scoreboards and team creators to benefit the entire school. Several of these applications are editable and customizable through Lü Community!



Feel the excitement of a single- or double-elimination tournament with Bräcket! Get started quickly with our characters, or take it to the next level by creating personalized tournaments with our Lü Community. Let the games begin!


Target age : 5-10

These over-trained rabbits will test your speed and precision. Start a game and practice your colors, animals, equations, and fractions or have fun creating your own content in our online Community! On your marks, get set, go!


Target age : 7-12

Enter the hidden world of Minewörd and learn to spell words in a whole new way! You can even make your mining experience your own by creating custom word lists on the Community.



Have fun choosing the scoreboard of your choice and enter a whole new world. You can even change the technical settings for each sport.



Take the pulse of your class with Vöte! Create your own survey in minutes on our Lü Community platform, or choose one of our preset questions. Fun surveys, in a dynamic environment. What more could you want? 3, 2, 1… start vöting!

JSB : Mïni

Target age : 5-10

Crank the volume to 10 and get ready to groove with Just Shapes & Beats : Mïni! Shapes, Beats, and a bunch of friends is all you need to get the party going with this brand new game. Ready? Let’s go!


Target Age : 7-12

Practice your shooting, passing and sport strategies with the goals in SPÖRTS featuring your favorite sports such as basketball, soccer (football), American football, handball and volleyball.


Target Age : 7-12

Get your heart rate up, get moving, and get ready to break some walls!



Put image capture to good use with Repläy! Watch yourself in action live or record yourself to keep track of your feats and watch them in replay, allowing you to improve your skills.


Target Age : 9-12

Enter the Shäpes arena and practice matching solid shapes to their geometric nets. Engage in a competitive face-off by scoring goals and defending your own against the opponent’s offense. Score points by sending the right solid shapes into the other team’s goal.


Target Age : 7-12

Before performing their final dance sequence, your students will be able to practice different moves and eventually master entire choreographies they will be proud of! You can even save the progress of each of your groups so they keep up learning new material. Our different levels of choreography will make your class hit the dancefloor and jump into the Grööve!


Target Age : 7-12

Newton is definitely a flagship application. Not only is it one of our firsts, it’s also one of the most popular to date. Who doesn’t want to show off their mental math skills in a friendly Newton competition? This is why we worked hard to improve this already popular app.


Target Age : 11-12

Alone or in teams, work on your sustained attention and focus by reproducing the chosen patterns using the different colors. Take your time to make the right choices and go with the bubble flow!


Target Age : 9+

Help our robots put sequences of events in order by combining images, descriptions and dates. Get ready, the machines are starting up!


Target Age : 3-6

Teach your patients about dental hygiene: stop them from eating too many candies, and help them clean their mouth from bacteria and calculus. And don’t forget to floss!



Quickly get to know how your group is feeling and exercise self-awareness with Mööd.



Turn your gym into any universe you choose to!



Create tactical boards, save them, and use them in presentation mode. Organize your gym, and be creative!



Generate up to 6 teams randomly. Enter the number of players and how many teams you want and let Teäms do the work!


Target Age : 7-12

Throw a ball and create your next masterpiece in either freeplay mode or color by number.


Target Age : 7+

Dive into Lüvia’s world and let your knowledge shine! Alone or in teams, take on others to see who will be crowned quiz champion[s]!


Target Age : 7-12

Journey to Ancient Egypt and hunt for the Pharaoh’s lost artifacts. Which are the mirages and which are the real treasures? Learn to read and navigate the Cartesian plane to find out!


Target Age : 9+

The Kraken monster lurks around the villages of the kingdom of Vïka and terrorizes the villagers! Sail your boat to all cities to protect the kingdom, but beware of the attacks of the Kraken!


Target Age : 7-12

Work together to grow a young sprout into a magnificent tree. To do so, collect the various elements required by a plant’s photosynthesis process. At the end, your tree will join all the others and become part of lush and lively forest!



Use the application and its adjustable options regularly to build your students’ cardiovascular endurance. It’s a fun yet formalized way to track your students’ maximum aerobic capacity.


Target Age : 7-12

This game is all about speed, but it also encourages conscious learning by creating an environment where students can develop their coordination, their shape recognition skills, and even pick up a new language!


Target Age : 9+

Mozzart the mouse wants his cheese! Team up to solve physics puzzles and help him find it.


Target Age : 7-12

Collect the necessary ingredients for a well-balanced meal. Watch out for the bins though—they’ll try to slow you down!


Target Age : 7-12

Made up of short challenges in the form of energetic exercise cards, Dojo stimulates children at the beginning of class and warming them up in an autonomous fashion.


Target Age : 5-8

This activity has been created to help children work logically and quickly in teams while developing their psychomotor faculties. Spatial orientation and shape recognition are at the heart of this activity.



Manage time like a pro using those easy-to-use countdown timers, multiple teams stopwatch and customizable interval timer. Chrono is your personal time assistant to help you better organize your class.


Target Age : 5-10

Welcome to Gaïa’s door. The key to this door? Relaxation! In this 12 minute journey, you will perform Jacobson’s progressive relaxation exercises. Perfect for the returning to calm state, relieving tensions and reducing stress. Have a nice trip!


Target Age : 7-12

Move your arms, move your legs, jump, turn, go left, go right…are you hot? That’s what cardio dance is all about! No need to be a pro, just follow the guide and imitate his movements to the sound of music!


Target Age : All ages

On your marks, get set, go! Participate in this exciting relay race where each player must run from one cone to the other, throw a ball on the screen and come back so that the next runner can go. The game lets you play in competitive mode where the fastest team wins, or in collaborative mode where all the teams contribute points by running.


Target Age : 5-10

Get ready to climb! Scala is a climbing competition that combines speed, accuracy and teamwork. Each team must climb as high as they can by jumping from one moving platform to the next without falling. The rumor says that it’s possible to jump while already in the air!


Target Age : 5-8

Defend yourself against the virus! Use the special attack at the right time when it’s available!


Target Age : All ages

Defend yourself against the asteroids for as long as possible and try to leave your mark with the best score! Watch for small colorful asteroids to earn bonus points and increase the difficulty level for a higher challenge.


Target Age : All ages

Test the speed and accuracy of your throws by hitting all targets of the same color. Play in score, timed or “king of the hill” mode. Choose how to move targets and increase the level of difficulty as needed!


Target Age : 9-12

Immerse yourself in the world of Jam, where music gives life to a colorful landscape! Discover the four sound environments in creation mode or take up the challenge of replicating our compositions which increase in complexity at each level.


Target Age : All ages

Each player occupies a column. Standing 2 meters from the screen, they have to throw the ball as high as possible to score the most points. This activity can be played with heavier balls and work on upper body strength.


Target Age : 5-10

Work in team to rotate the tiles and fix the picture!


Target Age : 11+

Will you be able to place the stars at the right place on the Cartesian plane?


Target Age : 7-12

You must hit the target in the opposing goal. A player cannot travel with the ball, he must pass it. When a team scores, it triggers a special game that allows players to score additional points, then normal play will resume.


Target Age : 3-6

Throw the ball on the wall and a small animal will appear! If you hit the target again quickly, your pet will grow!



Create a unique ambience for your parties or presentations with this lighting console application. Set to Disco mode and turn up the volume!

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