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All hail the holy grail of trivia games! Lüvia was designed by and for educators with the discovery of Lü Community in mind. Create, share and play any type of quizz through this fun fair format application that allows kids and adults alike to compete in teams in four different types of mini-games!

Access “brain breaks” to get your body moving between deeply intellectual challenges and constantly renew the experience by integrating content created by others.

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Remember your childhood’s Pixel Art? Pixël is the largest coloring surface you have ever seen!

Ben Wells, our Colorado ambassador, came up with the idea last year. Our development team decided to take on the challenge and created Pixël, a multidisciplinary app that will broaden our portfolio and will be the Art’s teacher’s best friend.



Generate up to 6 teams randomly. Enter the number of players and how many teams you want and let Teäms do the work!


Lü +

Access the ultimate Lü experience and get the most out of your system and Lü Community with Lu+ ! Get four (4) basic plus eight (8) premium applications per year to keep your children in a constant state of discovery and amazement. Unlock all creation and customization features of the Lü Community to build cross-curriculum content and relationships and engage your kids as never before.

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