Epson features Lü systems on

Lü’s partner and industry leader, Epson, recently featured the system and platform on, stressing on its versatility and how it helps educators from all subjects and parts of the world integrate academics into physical activity and vice-versa.
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Ben Wells, brand ambassador, technology coordinator for SHAPE Colorado, PE teacher and avid Lü user, was asked by Elizabeth Mulvahill about the effect the system has had on his classes and within his school, especially in the context of hybrid teaching and COVID-related restrictions. “Kids are already spending enough time in front of a screen,” he says. “If they’re going to be in front of a screen with me, they’re going to be moving.” He meets each class daily on Google Meets for an active warmup, doing one of the activities on Lü remotely on screen. “It breaks things up,” says Wells. “And it’s a fun and unique way to connect with kids.”

With the introduction, in Fall, of Lü’s unique online community called Lü Community, educators are now able to create, customize and share content for their Lü system from the comfort of their homes, reinforcing cross-curriculum teaching and getting teachers from all subjects to collaborate on physical education projects.