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Two utilities to enrich your teaching and learning sequences

In their report, Desbiens and Cardin (2003, p. 128) say that classroom management is “…a set of methods and strategies used to organize classroom activities, instruction, the learning environment, and interactions in order to effectively manage time, create an educational environment that is conducive to learning, and reduce behavioral problems and disruptions” [translated from French].

Let Chröno and Roütine help you plan your teaching and learning activities and manage your classroom!

Display and manage time with Chröno version 2.0

Chröno’s timer feature is ideal for organizing classroom activities and limiting transition times (cleanup, getting dressed, etc.) to keep you on schedule. New visuals to illustrate time passing (a time timer, an hourglass, and a popsicle melting in the sun) have been added along with a range of colors to create a mood that matches the level of energy you want from your students. It will also help all students, especially more sensitive students, anticipate the end of the activity.

The stopwatch feature has two options: individual stopwatch or stopwatch with laps. Up to 6 stopwatches can be displayed simultaneously for each option. We believe that these tools will help your students commit to the tasks at hand, persevere, and surpass themselves, in addition to being relevant for collecting quantitative data for evaluations. Your students will no doubt take great pride in breaking their own records!

Beyond its added value for classroom management, Chröno also helps educators develop their students’ cardiovascular endurance with its brand-new Tabata feature. With it, you can create an interval training activity for your students in just a few simple steps!

Roütine: help your students develop a variety of skills through timed activities

Although it may have some similarities with Dojö, the brand-new Roütine application lets you plan your teaching and learning sequences by breaking your lessons into short, timed segments.

This application is fully customizable in the Lü Community. You can insert visuals in JPEG, PNG, MP4, or GIF format, set the duration of each activity, add sound effects or a musical score, and even choose the lighting for each segment. You can find a range of Lü-certified images and GIFs in the Lübrary to help you create your sequences.

You can work on rhythm, cardiovascular and muscular exercises, as well as fine, gross, and non-motor skills. What’s more, Roütine lets you create a variety of cooldown sequences. In other words, this application is a great ally for working on all skills, at all stages of your physical education class.

While your students are performing timed activities, you can focus all your attention on giving them the feedback they need rather than keeping track of the time. You can also plan stations for the full period (by setting up stations, movements, cleanup, and getting dressed, for example). It’s a great way to stay organized and make sure the bell doesn’t catch you by surprise!

Providing teachers with tools to help them plan and organize their classes is a top priority for us! We’re convinced that these two utilities will quickly become indispensable and make time management in physical education classes a whole lot easier.

To see all our utilities, download our catalog of applications and activities.