New Operating System (OS)

What’s new

We completely redesigned our interface to make your experience easier!

Crisper interface, less confusion

The new design improves visibility by reducing the overall screen brightness and improving screen contrast. It helps quicker focus on display elements and text

New layout, better experience

The positioning of the elements has been redesigned for quicker identification.

New organisation, more intuitive navigation

Categories, shortcuts and a new Lümi app have been added for a more logical and intuitive navigation

New organisation

What’s different

All activities are now categorized:

– Physical Activity

– Education

– Tool

– Health and Wellness

– Arcade

Light control and Web browser

These two now have their own app. The light control is called Lümi and the shortcut to go on Internet is an app called “Web Browser”

Free play mode

We changed the interface to maximize activity choice. Simply use the up and down buttons to navigate and throw the ball on the game you want to play! In the settings menu, you can select the activities you want to appear on your Free Play mode.

Discover the new OS