Lü World Championship Final Results

Most engaged school #LuChampions

Congratulations to Nora Elementary School for being selected as the most engaged school in 2021’s edition of the Lü World Championship. We received a lot of great content from so many participating schools and notably from Nora ES, who managed to create much excitement on social medias during the 3 days of the tournament.

We also want to give special mentions to Mgr Belzile Elementary School and the École de l’Amitié for their great content and extra effort to participate in the tournament despite the challenges.

You guys are awesome! 💜

2021 Lü Champions

Congratulations to all the participating teams and the winners in their respective categories.

You are true #LuChampions 🙌🏻🔹🔴

  • 8-10 years old:Paradis des Enfants Belgium (970 points)
  • 10-12 years old:Bon Pasteur, Canada, Québec (1070 points)
  • 12+ years oldParadis des Enfants, Belgium (1152 points)

Final score 8-10 years old

RankSchool’s nameCountry & State/Province (if applicable)Score
1Paradis des EnfantsBelgium970
2John Sevier ESUnited States – Tennessee962
3Nora ESUnited States – Indiana898
4Mgr BelzileCanada – Québec852
5Bon PasteurCanada – Québec830
6McAuliffe STEM AcademyUnited States – Colorado796
7École de l’AmitiéCanada – Québec786
8Harrington SchoolCanada – Québec648
10École Monseigneur-SchefferCanada – Québec574
11Ecole Fondamentale Libre Sainte-Marie HeusyBelgium413
12Bennett Ranch ESUnited States – Colorado304
13Red Sand ESUnited States – Texas263
14Ecole St. Augustine SchoolCanada – Québec175

Final score 10-12 years old

RankSchool’s nameCountry & State/Province (if applicable)Score
1Bon PasteurCanada – Québec1070
2Paradis des enfantsBelgium978
3McAuliffe STEM AcademyUnited States – Colorado965
4Ville de Roeulx – Centre sportif des AscenseursBelgium932
5Mgr BelzileCanada – Québec929
6École de l’amitiéCanada – Québec863
7John SevierUnited States – Tennessee852
8Daniel Boone ESUnited States – Missouri846
9Ecole Fondamentale Libre Sainte-Marie HeusyBelgium748
10Harrington SchoolCanada – Québec723
12Nora ElementaryUnited States – Indiana564
13Ecole St. Augustine SchoolCanada – Québec527
14Heath Mount SchoolGreat-Britain305
15Red Sand ESUnited States – Texas292
16Centre Lasallien St-MichelCanada – Québec259
17Bennett Ranch ESUnited States – Colorado210

Final score 12+ years old

RankSchool’s nameCountry & State/Province (if applicable)Score
1Paradis des enfantsBelgium1152
2Mgr BelzileCanada – Québec980
3Harrington SchoolCanada – Québec878
4Ecole St. Augustin SchoolCanada – Québec569
5Nora Elementary SchoolUnited States – Indiana358
6McAuliffe STEM AcademyUnited States – Colorado350
7Heath Mount SchoolGreat-Britain280