Integrating Lü’s technology in PE teaching, an Influencer’s Story.

Zachary House is the innovative PE teacher from Hinton, Oklahoma behind the “Coach House: the PE Teacher” Youtube Channel (access it here: He has been a coach and teacher for 15 years and was the local recipient of two “Teacher of the year” award. Zachary gives weekly tips, advices and provides contents to thousands of subscribers, mostly physical educators from all over the world, through his channel.

Through Lü’s Influencer Program, Zachary was provided with a MÖBIL system, free of charge, for over 3 months that he was able to put to good use with his students at Hinton Public Schools. Discover some of the content he has created using the MINEWORD and NEWTON applications (above), but also how he created original activities through third-party applications (below) using Lü. Lü proved to be a game-changer in his teaching method during these 3 months and coach House exploited virtually every single application on the system to its fullest.

If you are an active educator, content creator or think got what it takes to be a Lü Influencer and get to experience Lü with your school for a few months, simply contact us at and tell us why!

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