How to use Lü Community to create your own Wörlds with Lü ambassador Ben Wells

Last month, our Wörlds app joined Lüvia and Püzz into Lü Community. If you didn’t already know, Lü Community is a free and open online platform for teachers and other users around the world to discover, create and share Lü content. You can then access this content instantly on your Lü system

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With Wörlds now available on Lü community, our friend and ambassador Ben Wells created a short video explaining how to use the platform to make up wörlds of your own! 

Follow Ben step-by-step as he creates Wörlds of his own from the mountains to the beach, passing by the baseball field, to the bottom of the ocean without even leaving the gym. 

Learn how to master adding a visual background (image, loop, video), inserting custom text while animating your scenes with light and sound effects. It’s time to create your own wörld.

Your imagination is the farthest you can go. Let it travel, inspire kids and open your school to new worlds! If you do not yet own a Lü system and would like to learn more about Lü, contact us at