Störia – Application for the month of May 2021

May usually marks the end of a busy school year and, for many, the dreaded exam period. To help your students get ready for their exams, we are introducing Störia this month, a new fun activity that promotes learning and remembering sequences. Störia, our second free app available on the Lü Community, allows you to create timelines, series of events, cycles and even logical sequences! 

How does the app work?

During level one, players must first match images with the item that correctly describes them (name of a character, period, activity, etc.). 

During level two, a time range will be associated with the item. Since alphanumeric characters are supported by the app, it will be possible to enter a period (3500 BC to 476) or a rank (first, second, third). 

Finally, during the final level, players will have to put the sequence back in chronological order.

How to open the app? 

Log into your account on the Lü Community, go to “My Content” and click on “Create.” In addition to Puzz, Wörlds and Lüvia, you now have the option of choosing Störia. Once you chose this app, a short tutorial will start to show you how to use it. 

What can be created in the app? 

Although Störia was originally designed for learning history, you can also use it for other subjects. Störia requires a minimum of 3 items and allows a maximum of 5 per timeline. It is possible to create several sequences which will be played one after the other.

  • You must give your item a name
  • You need one image per item, for example:
    • Representative photo of an era
    • Photo of a historic figure
    • Photo of a plant at different times in its cycle
  • Finally, you must match the item with a date or rank, for example:
    • 18th century
    • 1925 to 2000
    • First, second and third

Enjoy getting your students ready for their exams!