Lü World Championship

What an incredible journey it has been! 3 days of competition, 53 teams across 8 countries and thousands of kids engaged to become World #LuChampions.

What it was all about

Phÿs is a game where multidisciplinary teams have to work together to solve open ended and complex puzzles. The world champion teams are the ones who have found the perfect balance between witt, strategy, physical abilities and collaboration.

Highlights of the Tournament

Harmon Middle School kids, who won the 9-11 years old pool, can definitively be proud of their performance! Not only did they get first place in their pool, but also got best score of the three categories: only 112 throws to solve the 9 levels! Wow! Congrats!

A special mention to Wolgye Elementary School in South Korea and MgrBelzile Saint Ulric in Canada who succeeded at being within the top three in two age groups. We still don’t know if their success is related to them playing Phÿs a lot prior to the championship or if they are accustomed to dealing with mice issues!

The final score

6-8 years old
1st position: John Sevier Elementary 🇺🇸
Throws: 165 / Time: 5:01.60
2nd position: Wolgye Elementary School 🇰🇷
Throws: 186 / Time: 4:34.97
3rd position: Reagan Elementary 🇺🇸
Throws: 194 / Time: 7:09.81

9-11 years old
1st position: Harmon Middle School 🇺🇸
Throws: 112 / Time: 7:05.51
2nd position: MgrBelzile Saint-Ulric 🇨🇦
Throws: 126 / Time: 3:33.72
3rd position: Wolgye Elementary School 🇰🇷
Throws: 140 / Time: 4:15.64

12+ years old
1st position: MgrBelzile Saint-Ulric 🇨🇦
Throws: 114 / Time: 3:48.04
2nd position: Diley Middle School 🇺🇸
Throws: 152 / Time: 9:57.22
3rd position: Erie 2 Chautauqua Cattaraugus BOCES at Chautauqua Lake Central School 🇺🇸
Throws: 158 / Time: 3:15.38

The first position school will be awarded with a Lü Banner. We will soon contact the team’s responsible. Second and third places teams can be really proud of their performances as well. It is not every day your school is in the World’s Top 3!

The most engaged school

This is exciting! We received a blast of videos, photos and messages of teachers all around the world telling us why THEIR school was the most engaged. It was really hard to decide. It took us a full weekend to sort it out and some of us were even arguing about it during our Christmas Party. Even if only one school won, we decided to share the top videos and photos that reached to our hearts.


École St-Louis de France

Wolgye Elementary

Reagan Elementary

They started strong with this introduction video for the Championship.

Kids sharing their experience

Lü involves each and everyone!

John Sevier Elementary

Cheering up when you solve a level!

They got the first place in the 6-8 group!!!

The most engaged school:

L’École de l’amitié!

Cheering up for the second day

We loved the personalization of our Logo and the remake of “Grand Champion”

Thank you to every team for your remarkable participation. You made this worldwide Tournament memorable and we truly appreciated your engagement. Can’t wait for next year’s Championship!