7 proven tips to fund your Lü

Let’s face it, getting a Lü for your gym is a serious investment and often the main friction point blocking you from all the incredible experiences and benefits the Lü tools would provide.

Well… We have some good news for you, it’s not our first rodeo! We have already helped a multitude of schools across 20 countries find funding for their Lü project.

Here are some tips and avenues for you to pursue. At any point, feel free to contact our account team for help or additional info.

The More the Merrier

The first step to getting Lü in your school is to spark interest from key members of your immediate community. PE Teachers, the Principal, representatives from the after-school team or PTA association can all help you significantly move this project along. Building a small team raising awareness in your school and sharing the load for funding will go a long way.

Secondly, with 600 projects under our belts, we found that, in most cases, successful funding came from multiple sources. This has many advantages for you to fund your project. First, not only one investor has to carry the entire weight by itself, but also it allows to fraction the amount in smaller sizes and accesses different sources, targets and subject matters (IT, Education, etc.).

For example, having a grant from the Department of Education for IT infrastructure, some money coming from the school district’s capital budget, a crowdfunding activity and a philanthropic donation could all be targeted for part of the funding needed.

Moreover, in many cases proving traction or your ability to secure funding from one source will help leverage a second one.

Grants and Public Funding

There are many grants available to support your Lü investment and on many levels, such as school district, statewide and even nationwide programs. The important thing to consider when searching for grants is that Lü can be considered for a variety of different grants because of its versatility.

You can, therefore, consider anything targeted at getting kids moving, student health, education technology, social inclusion, isolation, IT infrastructure, academic performance, etc.

For example, here are some good places in the USA to look for potential grants to help fund your project (most countries also have their equivalent):


Crowdfunding is a very powerful fundraising tool made easy by modern-day platforms in recent years. The success of crowdfunding campaigns implies building a strong community and efficient communication channels and messages to reach their members.

In a traditional crowdfunding campaign like a new product launch, the hardest part of the work is to build a community of people who would be interested in the product and therefore raise money from them.

You, however, have been struck by luck! You already have a strong community of parents and supporters. You can get a hand from the PTA association, the Alumni association, etc. You could also use the school’s newsletter and other communication channels to reach them with your message.

All you need then is a good communication plan, some compelling assets like a video, pictures and written content, and a bit of elbow grease after all money doesn’t grow by itself on the crowdfunding tree!

Here are two platforms we would recommend :

Have a look at the successful campaigns on there and see how you could adapt yours in that sense. Moreover, crowdfunding platforms such as Ulule would assign you a dedicated representative to help you through the process.


We all have done fundraising diners, car wash, cookies sales, etc. We already know what the options are. All of them can work, but parents are over solicited in this fashion. Lü is innovative and new, and we feel that your fundraiser should be inspired by this. How about selling time usage in the future gym? How about something around a physical activity like a race or a fun tournament?

One thing for sure, you have to make sure that if you are using fundraisers and crowdfunding at the same time, the giveaways should be very distinct. It means that you would be soliciting your community twice for the same cause via 2 different mechanisms. So you have to plan all the activities with that in mind.

Philanthropic Grants

Aside from public funding, many private organizations have grants available as part of their CSR (corporate social responsibility) strategy. In most large companies, CSR is an actual department often tightly linked to the marketing/communications department. In short, companies wish that the grant attributed to a project is aligned with their activity sector or their business’ mission. That way those projects can be powerful communication tools to promote their brand etc.

Many schools that have Lü installed have managed to get a good amount of their funding this way from a variety of businesses like professional sports teams, hardware stores, tech companies, etc. The main piece of advice here is: before you make your moves on such businesses, make sure you gather enough information about them, their other philanthropic projects and their mission, and think how does funding for Lü in your gym would fit within their strategy. How will it be beneficial to them?

Here are some examples of grant criteria topics:

  • Enabling youth to succeed
  • Aligns with health and education
  • Demonstrates technological innovation
  • Defines and measures social outcomes

Versatility for More Funding

Lü is a complete entertainment and multimedia system. On top of the games and gameplay, you are most likely familiar with, it has a projector, a complete sound and lighting system, internet access, etc. It is, therefore, a tool that can be used for a lot of purposes and by a lot of school activities.

Our users also benefit from Lü for school dances, professional training, PTA meeting, special needs kids, after-school services, movie nights, school plays, etc.

Because of this versatility, funding can be found by combining multiple departments that would use Lü. We discovered that one of the most preferred ways to fund this project is to go through technology and capital budgets.

Talk to us, we know the drill!

We have done this and helped people like you with their funding, and best of all, we are just a shout away. We would also like to know if you have found any other avenues for funding which we could share with the rest of the community.

Let’s do this together, contact us!