2021 Lü World Championship – First day

What it’s all about

The International Lü Championship brings together children and students from all around the world in a unique trivia competition. For three days, an exclusive edition of Lüvia will be made available to all Lü users on the planet. Competitors will need to use their grit, speed and dig deep into their knowledge and memory to claim victory! Teams who get the best scores on the three quizzes in the shortest time will be crowned 2021 Lü Champions!

First day in action

Check out some of the best content from the participating teams that was shared with #LuChampions

Who’s in the lead?

1. The most motivated school (in no specific order)*:

  • École Mgr Belzile
  • John Sevier Elementary
  • École Bon Pasteur
  • Daniel Boone 
  • Nora Elementary
  • Whitsitt PE

2. The best scores (final results):

8-10 years old

RankingSchool’s namePoints
1Paradis des Enfants 386
2Bon-Pasteur 383
3Nora Elementary 370
4John Sevier365
5Mcauliffe STEM Academy336
6École de l’amitié321
7Mgr Belzile314
8Harrington School257

10-12 years old

RankingSchool’s namePoints
1École Bon-Pasteur431
2Mcauliffe STEM Academy382
3Nora Elementary325
4Daniel Boone Elementary319
5Mgr Belzile318
6École de l’amitié317
7 Centre Lasallien St-Michel259
8Harrington School 238
9 John Sevier214

12+ years old

RankingSchool’s namePoints
1Nora Elementary 358
2McAuliffe STEM Academy350
3Mgr Belzile321
4Harrington School295

Stay tuned tomorrow for day 2 recap! 😃