Lü creates immersive learning environments. It goes without saying that our powerful sound and light system can transform any environment. Whether it is to party, to immerse students within Gaïa or to dance to the rhythm of Danza, Lü is recognized for the quality of its audiovisual infrastructure.

Today we are once again pushing the boundaries by introducing Wörlds to you. The first version of this new application will allow you to transform your gym into the universe of your choice. Six themes carefully crafted by our team will be available.


Do you want to tell stories, play camp games, or just listen to a fire crackling? This theme is for you.

Olympic Stadium

Are you a discus thrower or a high jumper? Does your school have an Olympiad each year? What could be better than a stadium atmosphere with podiums for your athletes and having a ceremony for the big winners.

Hot Air Balloon

Do your students talk about tying balloons to their house and going on an adventure like Carl Fredricksen in the movie Up? Do they dream of playing in an adventure story and going around the world in 80 days? Have them enjoy a hot air balloon ride.


Who has never wondered what is going on in the abyss? Discover a marine universe completely different from our world on the surface. What will your student do in this universe? Will they be fish peacefully doing their things or will they be submarines looking for a wreck? You decide.


Our space theme will allow your students to discover how big is the universe or to play Captains Spock and Kirk. If you want to have a peaceful moment, you can also simply contemplate the vastness of the universe or relax with guided meditation.


Are you starting an intense workout routine and want to get in the zone? Our lively theme turns your gym into an environment for competing, surpassing yourself and going all in physically! 

Wörlds gives you the opportunity to discover new worlds and to fully let your imagination go. We are also informing you that this new app is the first version of two. The second version of Wörlds will be linked to Lü Community and will allow you to create YOUR own universes. With Wörlds, you will become drama teachers’ new best friends.