Meet Tactïk

Wanting to produce a more sport focused app, we asked ourselves how Lü could help physical education teachers and team coaches in your establishment. It is with this question in mind that our team embarked on the development of this new utility. For team sports enthusiasts, for workshop creators and for fans of all games with cones, balls, Swedish benches and hoops, we are introducing Tactïk!

This giant educational board allows you to strategize with your sports teams, visualize an obstacle course in your gym or even create a new game straight out of your imagination. Please note that you must log in with your Lü Community account; the application will not be available in “guest” mode. Tactïk lets you choose from 9 fields, including 1 neutral field, and provides you with 34 different items. Once the field and accessories chosen, set your players (up to 4 different teams) and put your objects in place.

In addition, various tools are also available, so you can cancel an action, erase an item from the board and also simulate movements in order to show a strategy in action. Once your activity is set up, you can save it. Unlike with our older apps, what you save will be saved to your Lü Community account. So this means that you will be able to take your plans with you and access them from any Lü as long as it is connected to the internet.

Finally, a presentation mode has been added for better communication. Everything you do in this mode will not be recorded, so have fun! Highlight items, show your players the different movement options, let your students move items, and so much more.

 Let’s get ready to move

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