Release 1.18 – Meet SphYnX, the math teacher’s new best friend

For many students, the cartesian plane is a challenging component of the maths curriculum. The Constëllo app allowed to navigate the concept in a fun way, but we believed that we could do better.

Put on your Indiana Jones’ hat and follow us into SphYnX’s desert to learn the basics of the X and Y axes. First timers or experimented adventurers, you’ll all have fun.

See a quick walkthrough below. 

SphYnX is an app that has been developed with the help of different specialists in didactics of mathematics, pedagogy and special education. It is a tool to help kids understand the cartesian plane that works through multiple gameplay modes corresponding to different steps of the learning curve.

For beginners, you can choose the symbols mode to work specifically on the X and Y axes. Once the group is comfortable with these concepts, you can switch to the numbers mode. You also have the option to practice either the first quadrant, or to practice with the four.