Release 1.17 – Vïka 2.0, Bëëp, Wäk and Gaïa updates

It’s finally here: the second version of Vïka

As you know, your input has always been at the core of our activities development process. After gathering your feedback for several weeks, we’ve decided to treat our dear vikings with a fresh, new look!

You’ve asked us for shorter games. Done! Not only have we reduced the number of towns to conquer per round, we’ve also reduced the number of questions to answer per town. We thus have a much more balanced game, and much more fun.

Kraken whacking was time-consuming right? Well not anymore! You’ll fight against a new kind of kraken, taking less time to defeat and against which you can even win points. Your hard work deserves something. 

Navigation was messy? Modified! Sail the seas with new intuitive navigation. Each throw will help you move forward. A ball thrown to the east side of the boat will make it go west. If you throw a ball north, your ship will go south. It’s that simple. Your young Vikingcrew can now concentrate on avoiding obstacles and answering questions asked in each village. 

All of this and more! Try now the new Vïka version to find out all the new features.

Other changes we’ve done, thanks to your suggestions and those from our Lü team: 

  • Shortcuts are always showing on your screen
  • You can now see the total number of laps completed
  • At the end of the session, your flag timestamps will appear

We’ve reviewed difficulty levels and adjusted the speed of the rabbits. 

  • Two separations have been made: one by chapter and body parts and another by duration
  • We’ve implemented a DVD mode. You can now skip a chapter: you only have to click any button and you’ll see the option appear.

Please continue to send your suggestions and new ideas!