Release 1.11: Here’s the newest addition to our growing family, Dojo and Twins!

We are pleased to welcome our two new apps: Dojo and Twins! These represent two unique additions that will prepare you for sports and grammar!

Play to Learn

With Dojo, students can enjoy class from beginning to end, and enter a balanced state of body-and-mind. It starts off with high-energy interaction (beware!). Comprised of small challenges in the form of high-energy, Dojo embodies what we do best at Lü: create exercises that encourage learning and child development. However, we didn’t come up with the concept alone—this study by the Finnish National Board of Education inspired us.

“The positive effects of physical activity on academic achievement have been detected in mathematical subjects in particular. Participation in training as a member of sports and exercise clubs has been linked to good performance at school.”

The Perfect Match

Just like real-life twins, this game is all about identical matches. Children work in teams, and against the clock, to pair images and words with the top board. Fundamentally, this game is all about speed, but it also encourages conscious learning by creating an environment where students can develop their coordination and matching skills … and maybe even pick up a language! Of course, we carefully consider every aspect of our apps, which is why we used the famous Dolch word list.

“The Dolch word list is a list of frequently used English words compiled by Edward William Dolch. It contains 220 ‘service words’ that have to be easily recognized in order to achieve reading fluency in the English language. The compilation excludes nouns, which comprise a separate 95-word list. Between 50% and 75% of all words used in schoolbooks, library books, newspapers, and magazines are a part of the Dolch basic sight word vocabulary.”

With Twins, children don’t have to sit through old, boring grammar lessons. It’s a fun way to acquire language through group interaction.