Pïxel – The art’s teacher’s new best friend

Remember your childhood’s Pixel Art? Pixël is the largest coloring surface you have ever seen! 

Ben Wells, our Colorado ambassador, came up with the idea last year. Our development team decided to take on the challenge and created Pixël, a multidisciplinary app that will broaden our portfolio and will be the Art’s teacher’s best friend. 

Players have two choices : free play or color by number.

In free play mode, let creativity guide your artists-to-be! With a choice of 24 different colors and a drawing table of enormous proportions, the only limit here to create a masterpiece is their imagination. 

In color by number mode, use your paint brushes (read balls) to discover different images like dinosaurs, foods or sports and sciences accessories. The whole group can work together to paint the image or kids can challenge another group in split screen mode and try to be the first to paint half of the image. 

* Pixël is only available to our Lü+ members. To learn more about Lü+, click here: https://play-lu.com/lu-plus