Newton, the updated version

Newton is definitely a flagship application. Not only is it one of our firsts, it’s also one of the most popular to date. Who doesn’t want to show off their mental math skills in a friendly Newton competition? This is why we worked hard to improve this already popular app.

What’s new 

  • A new look.
  • It’s accessible on the Lü Community. You can now manage the equation parameters from the Lü Community. You must first choose the variables of the first term of your equation, the operator you want to add (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division), followed by the second term. 
  • Newton’s first version only used two-term equations. You can now have up to four terms, such as 4 x 1 + 6 – 2. 
  • You can choose the number of answer choices you want. The first version of Newton offered six choices of answers by equation. You can now display between two and six to make the exercise easier or harder. 

Are you ready? On your math, get set, go!