New Release: Welcome to Pila and Scoreboard!

An interactive playground with energy-boosting exercise

Our two new apps cover all aspects of a successful physical education class: they encourage goal-setting, and motivate children to participate and play as a team. Through Lü’s latest version, our favourite mini-humans get everything they need to fully develop their physical skills, and get good grades. That said, we proudly present our newest additions: Pila and Scoreboard.


Most certainly created by hyperactive developers, Pila focuses on spatial orientation and pattern recognition. This activity was designed so that children can work in teams, quickly and logically, while developing their psychomotor skills. Expect loads of fun, colours and shapes—students won’t even realize they’re learning! Did you know that psychomotor skills are essential to a child’s development? It was this study by the International Journal of Educational Sciences that gave us our framework.

“The psychomotor education of the child is a transdisciplinary action, the purpose of which is the systematic education of different behaviours, starting from living the motility, bodily scheme and leading to operate with notions.”

After Pila, children will certainly need a period of relaxation, and so will you.

A simple scoreboard?

All the basics of a good scoreboard can be found in this app: team names, periods and timing… BUT there are also sound and light effects so that children of all ages (and adults too) can have fun—we won’t lie, we definitely did. Whether it’s for a hockey game, a pillow fight, or even a teacher’s party, choose a background that stimulates and suits your activity. The lights and music truly take this app to a whole new level! And to top it all off, children can add points themselves by aiming for the score.

On that note: Good game!