New Release: CHRONO Your new time assistant

Helping you better manage any session you can imagine

Time management is at the heart of physical education. With the revamped CHRONO app, you can now manage almost any scenarios you can think of. CHRONO is your personal time assistant helping you better manage any session you can imagine.

In this new version, 3 functions are now available: Timer, Stopwatch and Intervals.

Note: all the routines you had configured in the old CHRONO have been imported to this new version under the ‘archive folder’.


The Timer function allows you to set a countdown for any activity you plan to do. Slick and simple, Timer easily supports how you wish to manage time, different activities and teachings within your class.

Simple, yet much more than just counting down time.

Visual timers have shown to have great benefits in children’s learning and behavior helping transitioning, staying focus on a given task, and tolerating «unpreferred» activities.

“When students can predict the events throughout their school day, they are more likely to be engaged and less likely to display problem behavior. One way to increase predictability in a classroom is to establish routines, particularly early in the school year”

Kern & Clemens, 2007, p. 67


Manage elapsed time with the efficiency of an air traffic controller!

Within Stopwatch, you can now start recording elapsed time for any given activity. You can even split your class in up to 6 teams and record laps and elapsed time separately for every team in air travel themed experience.


Finally, the master piece for any educator in assisting planning is session, is the Interval management function within Chrono. With this tool, you can customize any routine from simple warm ups, to an entire session filled with an array of different activities. Outside than being easily manageable, users can edit their own programs and sessions. You can add routines and activities, controlling how many times you wish to repeat any of them (cycles).

We have also worked very hard on «keep it simple» so you that you spend less time editing, having more time teaching and having fun!

Time management allows for more content

Did you know that “If a teacher increases instructional time by just fifteen minutes a day through the use of more efficient routines and procedures, students in that classroom would gain forty-five hours of instructional time per year” – Behaviour in School

In order to fully maximize your time using Intervals, we suggest that you spend a bit of time prior to your classes to properly set your routines. You will always be able to adjust on the fly but the right configurations to suit your needs can be set in minutes ahead of having the little humans in your gym.

Last but not least, for those of you who have used CHRONO in the past, your routines have been imported within Intervals under the user ‘archive’. When you create your new user, simply import ‘archive’ when prompted and you will be all set to go.

Go and try it all out! Time is ticking!