[New app] Push your aerobic capacity to the limit with Bëëp!


What is the Shuttle run test?

The Shuttle run test, also called the Beep Test, is well known in gym classes around the world. Often feared by students, it measures students’ cardiovascular endurance with a fast and timed run. The goal is to run and follow a preset pace. When a sound is heard, the level changes and the time given to cover the distance decrease. The test ends when the student can’t run the distance in time.

Bëëp Bëëp!

As this mandatory school test gave the whole team a bitter back in the day, Lü has decided to create a playful and motivating version for children while making a simple and standardized tool for physical educators. A successful bet! Teachers can now measure their group’s performance with markers (thanks to Rob the robot) while children can visualize their progression all along the test.

A brand new feature is also available. Physical educators can trigger original sounds and illustrations to cheer up their students by using the remote control. Therefore, the Shuttle run test is improved for children as well as teachers.