Discover Brüsh

In the last few months, we have launched a lot of apps with different themes. For example, Wörlds to create universes, Tactïk to design sports strategies or gym activities, Teäms to assemble teams and Pixël to let your creativity flow. And for the month of April, we wanted to go back to our roots and get you MOVING. 

We are introducing Brüsh, a Galactic-style activity where you’ll start sweating without even noticing it, and this time, you’ll also do it with a splash of toothpaste! 

Brüsh invites you into the mouth of one of our four patients: Draven, Froggy, Pandaly and Gregorilla. Your mission is to protect their teeth from candies and bacteria! Throw balls to destroy them, and stay on the lookout because you’ll see dental floss that is there to help you. Let it pass to get bonus points. If your throws are not accurate enough, bacteria and candies will build up, and your character’s teeth will gather tartar more quickly. You will then have to throw balls at the teeth to remove the excess. In the event that too much tartar is found on the teeth, a dentist will be there to help you. However, this will make you lose precious seconds to get even more points. 

A game of Brüsh lasts at least two minutes, just like brushing your teeth. You also have the option of playing split-screen, with one character per team, to see which team brushes their teeth the best. 

Introducing Wörlds V2

Here is another surprise for you this month! As promised, we are giving you the keys to Wörlds in this second completely customizable version. You’ll be able to create your own worlds by uploading your photos or videos, your music and sound effects, choosing the light atmosphere, and so on. The only limit is your imagination: see you in the Lü Community!