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With the release of Grööve, our brand new dance application, we hope to bring everybody back together and into the party after these long months isolated. Before performing their final dance sequence, your students will be able to practice different moves and eventually master entire choreographies they will be proud of! You can even save the progress of each of your groups so they keep up learning new material. Our different levels of choreography will make your class hit the dancefloor and jump into the Grööve!

Our 5 key apps for a successful school year kick-off

The school year has just begun and your students are back in class! They’re excited to see you and what you have in store for them. For this bustling time of the year, our Lü ambassadors have revealed the 5 apps they like to use the most when kids are just back in class.


I just love Teäms. It gives a quick and easy way to divide students amongst different groups for a variety of different activities. It is so flexible. – Jason Watson


When students need to understand how to calm down and refocus after being highly active, Gaia steps up to help them. The kids love how it helps them focus on breathing and giving them time to recenter at the end of class. – Ben Wells


Chrono is your absolute must. It is a great app to use to kick-off class, especially for the younger students. We have a locomotor warm up routine that we do each day the first few weeks of school and the students love it! – Jason Watson


I love Dojo. Dojo is a great way to have students working at moderate to vigorous physical activity level. The kids love it because of the variety of movement and the different cardio dance moves. – Ben Wells


The Newton App revamp is amazing! The ability to be specific to each grade level needs mathematically is exactly what LU is all about! Always innovating and reaching the needs of all our kids. – Alex Rouse

What about you, do you have any favorite apps as the school year begins? Let us know by sharing your most beloved app on our social networks.