Master Lü system and apps with deep-dive courses from Lü experts.

Explore a series of  how-to videos and guides, resources and other useful content.

Start your journey!

Quickly get to know your Lü and discover how Lü will transform your gym!

Fire up your Lü and create your account!

Start up your system and create your Lü account to start playing!

Discover your first apps!

Discover our game modes, learn how to use your keyboard, and discover your first apps.

Your students can play independently too!

Bonus: Where can you change your system settings?

Finish exploring your system by discovering Free Play Mode, which lets your students play independently, and the Settings tab, where you’ll learn the ins and outs of your system.

You’re invited to the Lü community!

Did you know that you can find a community of Lü users online? Discover some of the apps and get to know the Lü community!

Learn how to create content in the community!

Create your first activity for your group and share it with the community!

An activity guide just for you!

In collaboration with a physical education teacher, we offer you educational tools ranging from materials to grading criteria to help you integrate Lü apps into your curriculum.

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