Enter the Shäpes arena and discover our new app!

Every day, Lü talks and shares with educators in order to develop apps that will help you to teach better.

This September, thanks to our SHÄPES app, your students will love combining geometry and physical activity while learning. This new app fits into your school’s curriculum with its pedagogical intent of identifying how a solid is shaped through a 2D blueprint. Collaboration, planning and interaction between students is key to scoring in SHÄPES! This is a win-win situation for your students!

Game Mechanics (How to Play?)

SHÄPES offers three levels of play that match children’s education progress. The goal of the game is for your students to send solids into the opponent’s goal with a ball to score points. But SHÄPES doesn’t stop there! Your students will also have to strategize and cooperate to protect their goal from the other team.

In order for you to run the game as you see fit for your classes, we offer a points mode and a time mode that allow you to interact more quickly with your students, as needed.

When the game is over, you will access the summary table where your students will see the total number of shapes played during the game as well as an animation of how these shapes were created.


At Lü, we strive to offer games that adapt to your students. That’s why we’ve created a menu within the game that allows you to change a few settings.

By clicking on 0 (zero) on your Lü controller, you’ll see a game menu that allows you to customize the size of the shapes shown on the screen, the force of ball impact and the size of the impact zone when the ball interacts with a shape. You’ll also be able to choose for how long a shape taking form is shown on top of the screen.

These changes will appeal to your students who will see their experience change with these new game mechanics!

Classroom integration

SHÄPES allows you to observe students interacting in an environment where they must react to the opposing team actions while planning their throws to move the shapes to different corners of the screen. For a physical education teacher, this app is unique. Teamwork is a skill honed in SHÄPES and it is essential for student development based on the physical education curriculum.  

Math teachers can use the app at different times of the year as the three levels of play match children’s progress and how solids are taught, as well as how solids are identified from 2D blueprints. When used to teach solids in the classroom, SHÄPES can help with knowledge transfer. This app can be used as a reminder or reinvestment of learning about solids and how they are created. 

Thanks to our collaborating teachers, we are very pleased to share with you… SHÄPES! We can’t wait for you to experience this new app!