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Partner Portal

Hi partner!
This portal has everything you need to get going with your Lü sales.
From deal registration to sales documents and specsheets, explore the tabs below for your complete arsenal!
Feel free to reach out to sam@play-lu.com or corentin@play-lu.com if you have any questions or concerns.
We wish you good numbers!

Deal Registration


Hi partner!
Use this button to access our deal registration platform.
Feel free to reach out to sam@play-lu.com or pete@play-lu.com if you have any questions or concerns.

Downloadable material


Flyers and one pager

Educational activities catalog
- English version

Catalogue d'activités éducatives
- Version Française

Company Presentation

Success Stories


Lü + Subscription - One pager

7 proven tips to fund your Lü

Launch Pad Program

Academic Foundations

Exercising the Mind and Body

Matrix of content

Effects of Lü Interactive Playground’s competitive inter-team play on situational interest and physical activity in adolescents.

Implementation of an interdisciplinary physical education/mathematics unit.

Competency matrix validation project


Brand Style Guide

Installation and Support

To find the new installation guide and video