Lü on the loose program

Do you know who is the best #PETEACHER out there or are you that very person? If so, let us know who and why this person and their school should receive a FREE LÜ Mobil system for at least a month.

Join the gang! #LUAMBASSADORS

How to enter the contest:

  • Post a pic or a short video explaining how a LÜ Mobil system could up your PE game and be a benefit to your school and community.
  • Identify your school by tagging them : @ School and make sure to also tag @LuInteractivePlayground

Share and make some noise over your social media platforms

We will be selecting a school in the Northern US and a school in the Southern US every month based on:

  • Their “why” and community and social mission as expressed in the post
  • The level of engagement and number of “likes” and shares of the post

Don’t forget to use the hashtags below to enter the contest.