Lü Challenge 2021

We are delighted to launch the first ever edition of the annual Lü Challenge! Following 3 successful editions of the Lü Championship, we aim to create a new and additional annual event that brings more intensity, physical skills, strategy, and of course even more fun to the table.

This event (somewhat) puts aside core academic notions that were at the heart of our past championships and educational activities to focus on letting some steam out before the Holidays. Yet, don’t expect it to be easy!

The challenge is meant to get the heart rate up, get the kids moving, and foster collaboration between kids and teachers.

For this occasion, we will be launching a new and exciting app called Wäll, available on December 7, 2021. Your school will be able to check it out, practice and kick off the challenge the next day.

Remember, any school can participate in the Lü Challenge and all schools will receive FREE access to Lü+ premium features and apps from December 7 to 31.

Build your teams, train your troops and get ready for the Lü Challenge!


Tuesday – Practice day

  • Learn the application’s mechanics
  • Face different and random difficulty levels
  • You may practice as much as you want and can
  • The practice mode is available for the entire duration of the challenge

DAY 01

Wednesday – Destroy as many walls as possible in 5 minutes

  • 3 trials per age group
  • It is possible to practice and complete the challenge on Wednesday or Thursday
  • The mode remains accessible after the challenge for fun, but points aren’t computed

DAY 02

Thursday – Destroy a set serie of walls in as little time as possible

  • A SINGLE trial per age group available
  • The mode remains accessible after the challenge for fun, but points aren’t computed

DAY 03


All participants consent to respect the following rules:

  • 3 teams total per school, that is 1 team per age group
  • Participants are in one of the 3 following 3 age groups
    • 6-9 years old, 9-12 years old, 12+ years old
  • 8 players maximum per team
  • Participants need to keep a distance of 3 feet from the wall

Sign your little squad up for the first edition of the yearly Lü Challenge!