Meet Lü's team of ambassadors.

Our ambassadors

Texas, USA


Jason watson

Jason Watson is currently in his 5th year teaching physical education in Pasadena, Texas. He initiated his teaching career studying Early Childhood Education at the University of Toledo in Ohio. At Toledo, Jason played shortstop on the Rockets baseball team. After putting school on pause and playing baseball professionally in the Arizona Diamondbacks Organization, he finally returned to teaching. Relocated to Houston, Jason taught kindergarten and second grade before making the transition to physical education. In 2015, he was honored with becoming the Pasadena ISD District/Region 4 Elementary Teacher of the Year. His passion for getting kids physically active definitely led him back to the gym where he’s been teaching since 2015.

“It is clear that teaching PE is what I am supposed to do, and using products like the LU to support my students learning is what makes teaching physical education such a blast!”

Colorado, USA


Benjamin Wells

Ben has been a physical educator and has integrated technology in his classes for over decade at all levels, primary to secondary. He has a passion for technology and how it can be used as a tool to enhance the student learning experience in physical education and health. Ben was the Colorado High School Physical Educator of the Year in 2016 and is the technology coordinator for SHAPE Colorado, the health and physical education professional group. He provides technology workshops for educators of all grades across the western United States and works with university programs to provide technology experiences for upcoming educators. He has a Bachelors in Exercise Science and Kinesiology from University of Northern Colorado and a Masters in Education from Walden University focusing on Integrating Technology in the Classroom. Currently he teaches at Bennett Ranch Elementary School in Falcon, CO and has a Lü UNO installed that is used everyday for every grade level and class.

“We need to meet kids where they are and on their interests instead of saying “this is the way we’ve always done it.” My favorite Lü apps to work with are Chrono, Gaia, Pila, Beep, Target, Dojo, Twins and Mineword.”

Tennessee, USA


Alex Rouse

Alex Rouse is currently an Elementary School Physical education teacher in Maryville, Tennessee.
Alex got his bachelor’s and master’s degree from Carson Newman University in Education. After College, Alex played in the NFL Europe league for a year and then was a practice squad player in the NFL for the Cincinnati Bengals. Alex has been a Physical Education teacher for 7 years and a Behavior Specialist for two years previous to those 7 years. Alex is motivated bythe building of personal relationships that allows his teaching to be more effective. His vision has allowed him to grow as a cross curricular physical education teacher, who uses subject material in general education classrooms and roll it over effectively in his gym. The innovative role and incorporation of the LU has also allowed him to be recognized for his teaching methods and pilot program of the LU interactive playground in Tennessee public schools.

“Teaching PE is the best job in the world, and now because of the LU I have been able to be looked upon as more of a classroom teacher, effectively motivating students in a way no one else in the building can.”

Brussels, Brabant, Belgium


Diego Molina

Diego is a Physical Education teacher at Paradis des enfants in Brussels, Belgium, and the very first user of Lü technologies in Europe. He’s also a certified trainer for the integration of new technologies in physical education at the national level. He has always strived to bring fun into the academic basis of physical educatiuon with his students. Always on the lookout for innovations in sports teaching and education, Diego first learned about Lü systems while discussing with Canadian counterparts back in 2017. Instantly convinced by the value of bringing together video games and physical activity to increase children engagement, Diego pushed the project forward and got his DÜO the same year.  Over two years of intensive use later, he still marvels at how engaged kids are in the class and how much the concept has evolved without students ever losing interest.

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